Capture Your Best Moments With Disney-Style Photos

You must be familiar with the amazing developments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In recent years, AI has made huge strides in various fields, including photography.

Now, AI’s ability to process visual data can be used to alter or edit photos to make them more appealing.

Some AI-based photo editing sites and apps can identify objects in a photo to edit the lighting, add filters to it, or provide special effects to make the photo more attractive.

No wonder, through AI-based photo editors, photos of oneself can be transformed into anime-style images or remove distracting objects with ease.

How AI-based photo editors work
Like any other AI, AI-based photo editors gather huge amounts of data to process in a short period of time.

The “learning” pattern of AI is called deep learning. Through deep learning, AI learns to identify data and tries to process it into new data.

In the case of photography, AI will learn to identify visual data such as the color, shape, or texture of a photo.

The ability to identify is then used by AI to alter photos with generative algorithms.

With this algorithm, AI can change photos according to the commands entered.

For example, there are generative algorithms that can transform ordinary photos into images in the style of famous paintings such as Van Gogh or Monet.

Through AI, the process of converting such photos no longer has to be done by a professional photo editor, but can be done by ordinary people.

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