Recommendations for photo editing apps with AI

Many companies are now developing apps or websites that can change photos with AI-based systems.

Here are four AI photo changer apps to try:

1. YouCam Perfect
YouCam Perfect is an easy-to-use AI-based photo editor app.

Through this app, users can adjust brightness, sharpness, add color palettes, and apply filters.

Not only that, this app can also quickly change the background of a photo or remove objects in a photo.

2. Canva
Canva also features an AI-based photo editor. Through this feature, photos uploaded to Canva can be adjusted in no time to become more attractive.

Adjustment of color, sharpness, brightness level can be done with a single click.

One of Canva’s advantages is the Collaborative Workflow and Sharing feature that allows multiple users to edit the same photo.

In addition, Canva also has a rich repertoire of design templates to apply in a photo.

3. Pixlr
As an AI-based photo editing app, Pixlr has a wide range of editing features.

Through Pixlr, users can adjust various aspects of photos such as brightness, saturation, and more in depth.

Pixlr also comes with cloud storage space that can save device storage space.

4. AI Lens
Lenses is an app produced by a company called Prisma labs.

This app went viral because of its ability to turn photos into fantasy-themed avatars that can be selected according to taste.

However, Lensa’s capabilities extend beyond transforming photos into fantasy-style avatars and includes the ability to edit the photographic aspects of a photo and add filters.

Those are some applications to turn your photos and other important moments into Disney-style photos, because it is indeed viral on Tiktok and you have to download it on Google Playstore right now.

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