Some Apps Peeking into Our Spouse’s Chat Content 2023

In the previous article we discussed how to find out the contents of our partner’s wa chat without the help of an application, Wellh, this time we will discuss what applications are recommended to find out the contents of our partner’s wa chat without getting caught.

This method can be done when you start to distrust your partner or the closest people. How to open it is quite easy, can be through a PC / computer or on android as usual.

For that Below are some lists of applications and ways that we think are the easiest and you just download them on the Google Play Store, here’s a full explanation:

1.WhatsApp Web Plus

This feature is one way to open WhatsApp via the website, although it is fairly common, many people use this feature as an attempt to peek at the contents of someone’s WhatsApp. For that, consider several ways, especially when you have a barcode or a way to enter WhatsApp web features.

You can download WhatsApp plus on your laptop, by logging in to the tapped account and scanning the barcode. So that you can know any conversations and texts. This method is the most common, especially when you are allowed to hold your partner’s cellphone. Just download Whatsapp Web Plus here.

2.WhatsApp Sniffer

This application is most often used by IT experts to open your partner’s WhatsApp access. The method is very easy, but the drawback of this type of WhatsApp is that it must be in close proximity or have been connected to the same network when you log in to the same account.

This application can be accessed anywhere, starting by downloading on Google Play or the website in general. So for those of you who are often connected to any network, make sure you have adequate devices and other preparations to peek at WA someone you know. Moreover, this application cannot be used remotely. So don’t wait any longer, immediately Download WhatsApp Sniffer Here.

3.AirDroid and Hider

AirDroid is one application that can be used to open your partner’s WhatsApp.
Although how to use it is a bit complicated, you can download this application on your partner’s cellphone or someone you will peek at the message. Just download WhatsApp Sniffer Here

In order not to get caught, you are also required to download a hider application to hide it. Therefore, make sure you have downloaded this application at the same time. Once done insert AirDroid in the Hider app.

After that, the application can already be used to monitor someone’s WhatsApp. AirDroid can remotely control applications on smartphones, so make sure both are installed on the device. The advantage of this application is that it can be used at a considerable distance, so it doesn’t matter if the person you are monitoring is out of town. You can Download Airdroid Here.


ISpyoo is one application that can be downloaded on the Play Store, after you successfully download this application you can log in first. How to log in is very easy, just by creating an email and password but if not, you can create an account first.

After that, follow the instructions in the application until the steps to peek at the contents of WA are successful. This application can also find out the position of your partner via GPS with call history and other media. ISpyoo is one of the latest WA peek applications that is sophisticated enough for you to access it. So quickly you download ispyoo here.


mSpy is a paid application that you can use for various things, not only WhatsApp but SnapChat, Facebook and other applications you can open in just one application. But the disadvantage of this application is that you have to subscribe first. If you are interested, just download Mspy here.

This the explanation of the latest WA tapping application that you can use to open messages and other media on your partner’s cellphone. Hopefully the above explanation is useful.

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